Providing Of Engineering Design Solutions

The industrial areas we cover:

• Dairy Industry (receiving and storage of milk, pasteurisation, quick chilling and freezing milk products including frozen dairy desserts) 
• Meat Products (cooling, rapid chilling and freezing and short-term and long-term storage of meat and meat products)
• Frozen fruit and vegetable industry (precooling, batch and flow chilling and freezing and storage)
• Beverage production processes (brewing and pasteurisation processing, chilling and storage) 
• Heat pumps (construction and application)
• Alcoholic beverage industry (fermentation and distillation)
• Chemical industry (liquid CO2 production)
• Fodder industry

In all areas of the industry that are covered by the business activity, design services include:

  • Conceptual mechanical design
  • Mechanical (thermal-engineering ) design to grant the license for construction works
  • Tender documentation for the equipment procurement
  • Providing expert assistance in conducting negotiations with potential equipment suppliers.
  • Detailed project documentation for the construction and installation of process equipment. Creation of any necessary technical solutions to provide unobstructed operation or as short time interval as possible of the production activities interruption within the existing producting process operations.
  • Design of final status of installations as a base to grant the liceence for installation use and verification by the appointed authority.
  • Pipe stress analysis and classification pipeline as a base to grant the liceence for pipelines use and verification by the appointed authority.
  • Making a working activities schedule – work flow when there is no permission for interruption of production within the existing installation.